Cuplock Systems

Cup lock scaffolding is a scaffolding indicated by a joining method that uses metal cups to lock beams together. Like other different types of scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding is a short-term network of frames used to support workers during renovation of a structure or construction, such as a building, where taller access points are needed. Cup lock scaffolding is isolated in that it provides a way to link four horizontal bars together at once at a central joint.

This design reduces assembly time while providing a versatile and strong structure that is safe for workers.

The cup joints are at every five-hundred mm intervals. For rough site handling, the inbuilt movable top cups are made. From high grade the welded bottom cups are made.

Integral spigots are 150mm long and are provided at the top of each standard for making upright connections.

The base and the spigots of every standard have 16mm steel.

Cup lock scaffolding is widely available with us in component form and can be assembled at the construction site.

Benefits of Cup-Lock:

  • It is resistant to corrosion and rust. This makes cup lock scaffolding useful for large-scale, outdoor projects.
  • Time saving in erection.
  • Very quick to assemble.

Different types of cup-lock:

A1. Verticals / Standards

  • Material conforms IS-1161 -1998 OR IS -1239 Part I
  • Pipes 40 NB (OD 48.3 mm) ERW Mild Steel Medium / Heavy Class
  • The connections points are set at every 500 mm vertical interval of Standard Vertical member.
  • Top Cups are made out of Malleable Cast Iron.
  • Bottom cups are made out of M.S. Forging.
  • Ends are provided in vertical member with 150 mm long spigot for continues connections.
  • Vertical are available in a standard sizes.

B 2. Horizontals / Ledger

  • Material Conforms IS-1161 -1998 OR IS -1239 part I
  • Pipes 40 NB (OD 48.3 mm) ERW Mild Street Light / Medium Class
  • Ledger blades are made out of M.S. Forging
  • Horizontals are available in a standard sizes.