Wire Rope Safety Barrier

Wire Rope Safety Barrier, also called as cable barrier, composed of a sequence of wire ropes connected between easily breakable posts.

Due to its shock absorbing qualities, these type of road safety barrier causes less damage to vehicles and reduces injuries to passengers and major off-road and head-on collisions on the roads. 

They are highly tensioned wire ropes, supported by steel posts. Its main purpose is to prevent a vehicle from leaving the travelled way and striking a fixed object or terrain. 

These wire rope barriers are comparatively inexpensive, as opposed to concrete step barriers to maintain and install, and are very effective at capturing vehicles, their use is becoming increasingly acceptable worldwide.

Om Engineering Works provide optimal solutions for wire rope safety barriers

Scope of our services includes the most appropriate barrier designing, preparation, supply and installation of the complete system by our team; and finally providing spares and training for Maintenance.